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Chanhee Lee

Chanhee Lee


Philosophy and Religious Studies




Vincennes Campus

About 25 years ago, Dr. Chanhee Lee came to the United States to study and discover democracy. He received a Master’s degree from Colorado State University and a Doctoral degree from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, both focusing on the nature of democracy. Throughout his academic career, he has met many intellectuals and activists concerning democratic issues and matters in the U. S. and has learned invaluable lessons from each and every one of them, uncovering the truth that democracy is a way of life. 

One of his former teachers once told him that the best way to repay a debt of intellectual growth is to set others’ lives to intellectually flourish. Without a doubt, Dr. Lee has not only taught what he has learned from his colleagues and mentors, but he has significantly contributed to the task of philosophical inquiry since joining the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies of Vincennes University in 2013.  

As such, he is highly interested in Ethics and Political Philosophy. His specialty is in Classic American pragmatism, especially John Dewey’s ethics and philosophy of democracy, and Medieval and Contemporary Catholic Philosophy, particularly Alasdair MacIntyre’s virtue ethics and Jacques Maritain’s political philosophy. Additionally, he, as a South Korean native, recently has expanded the area of his interests and knowledge into Asian Philosophy, including Modern Korean and Japanese Philosophies and literatures, Medieval Chinese Philosophy, and Indian Religion. 

Through his years of professional, in-depth experience as a professor for various universities, including Vincennes University, he is seasoned professor who knows how to manage course materials, understands how to form genuine student-professional relationships with different types of students, and consistently earns the utmost respect from students with efficient teaching methods. With all of this in mind, please feel free to visit him at his office anytime- whenever you feel like you need to satisfy your thirst for intelligence.