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Submission Guidelines

The Tecumseh Review, VU's annual literary magazine, is looking for the best stories, essays, and black & white photographs and art to be found on campus.

To have your work considered for publication, please submit material to  

     Matthew Groneman
     Associate Professor of English
     SHC15 E148
     (812) 888-5342

All submissions should be typed, maintaining standard one-inch margins and double-spacing.

Make sure your name is on your work.  Please print it or e-mail it as a Word Document (Word 97-2000 or as .rtf or .txt files only) ATTACHMENTS to Prof. Groneman at mgroneman@vinu.edu.  

Please include your name, address, campus or home phone, and e-mail address with your submission.

Please do not submit the only copy you have. We have not lost anything yet--and don't ever plan to--but if something should happen to a submission (it gets eaten by a dog, for instance) we would like to think that a quick call to you for another copy will solve the problem.

The deadline for submission is January 31.