Student Behavior Committee (SBC)

Student Behavior Committee (SBC)

Tragic events on several college campuses nationwide have bought increased emphasis on safety and security to almost all college campuses. Many of the issues brought forward after these events occurred focus on the campuses ability to centralize information about who exhibit disruptive, destructive or disturbing behaviors. In an effort to proactively reach out to members of our college community and to address inappropriate behavior and events before they escalate, Vincennes University has created the Student Behavior Committee (SBC). 

The Student Behavior Committee (SBC) at Vincennes University is a team of University staff who meet to identify issues or concerns on campus. The SBC reviews classroom issues, discusses incident reports, and anticipates campus concerns with the goal of recommending early interventions so individuals get the assistance they need without disruption or violence to the community.

The SBC is not a group that proscribes treatment or discipline. The group is designed to provide information and referrals to those dealing with difficult or disruptive situations and to reach out to the individual involved when appropriate. It does not adjudicate, discipline, or impose sanctions against any member of the campus community, nor does it provide or mandate treatment.  When appropriate, referrals are made to campus support resources and, if necessary, to off-campus agencies.


The SBC is chaired by the Associate Dean of Students and includes the following members:

  • Assistant Provost for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
  • Director - Counseling Center
  • Director - Diverse Abilities and Accommodations
  • Director - Food Services
  • Director - Recreational Sports Facilities
  • Director – Housing and Residential Life
  • Director – Parent and Family Services
  • VUPD, Chief and/or Assistant Chief
  • Guests are invited as needed


The SBC meetings are scheduled on a weekly basis throughout the academic school year, and more frequently if situations necessitate more immediate action.

Special note

  • If a student exhibits behaviors that indicate IMMEDIATE DANGER to SELF or SOMEONE ELSE, CALL Vincennes University Campus Police at 5555 from a campus phone or 812-888-5555 from a cell phone or other off-campus phone.
  • If a student exhibits behaviors of concern that should be addressed, contact the SBC through the Associate Dean of Students Office at 812-888-4945, emailing, or by speaking to one of the SBC members listed above.

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