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Academic Calendar

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University Core Curriculum

The University Core Curriculum (UCC) is an integral component of the learning process at Vincennes University. The UCC encompasses learning outcomes that the faculty of Vincennes University have established as a minimum expectation of students graduating from Vincennes University. The UCC Outcomes along with the Indiana Statewide Transfer General Education Outcomes describe the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes students should demonstrate upon program completion. These courses help prepare our students for future careers and educational pursuits.

Certificate of Graduation

In addition, you can now earn a Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC) Certificate of Program Completion that offers guaranteed transfer of a 30 credit hour block of courses to any Indiana-funded college or university.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Your college experience is primarily influenced by the classes you take, the professors you work with, and the other students who share the VU learning community with you.  You may already know what you want your major to be, and your program of study is already mapped out.  On the other hand, you may be coming to VU to explore your professional options and choose your major after your first or second semester, so your map will be more general at first.  Wherever you may be once you are accepted to VU, you will be working with faculty advisors and campus resources designed to put YOU at the center of your curriculum.

All VU majors and academic programs have been “mapped” to reflect course sequences for meeting major requirements, basic skills expectations, and University Core Curriculum expectations/electives.  College deans, program directors, and department chairs are your primary resources for advising.

Registering for Classes

To register for classes, students must have an academic advisor.  Your advisor is a faculty person in your major area or a faculty advisor working to help you determine to your major/career path.  To find your advisor, you must go to MyVU.

Degree Works

With Degree Works in MyVU, both you and your advisor can easily see the map you are following to complete the journey toward graduation.  Degree Works Planner shows the semester by semester plan you are following for your degree.  Degree Audit Worksheet shows how your progress is audited to fufill the requirements for your degree.  For example, if you transfer in credit to VU, that credit will show up on your Audit Worksheet, since your Planner reflects the courses you are taking at VU.

What if you change your major or want to consider another major?  Your Degree Audit Worksheet will allow you to see “what if’ with another major in mind.  

Additional resources for academic advising

Academic Probation, re-admission: Dean of Students 812-888-4241

Part-time student advising:  Students must apply for admission as a non-degree seeking student. Please contact admissions at 812-888-4313.

Non-degree seeking students are advised at the Student Success Center at 812-888-4451.

Next Steps

Preparing to Meet with Your Advisor

  1. Find your program of study (your major) on the online catalog at
  2. Click on the “Print Degree Planner” link for your program of study.
  3. Identify appropriate courses required for your next semester by referring to the Recommended Sequence of Courses section of the Degree Planner.
  4. Select courses using the online schedule. Remember to record the CRN, course alpha/numeric listing, course name and course meeting time for each course and note lab sections for courses where appropriate.
  5. VU students are required to pass reading, writing, and speaking intensive courses. Please check the course list below to find which courses meet the RWS requirements. Students must achieve a "C" or better in the approved course or courses in order to graduate. Students need to take one reading intensive, one writing intensive, and one speaking intensive course. This requirement may be accomplished in one course or a combination of courses.


Transferring Credits

Indiana's Core Transfer Library

The Core Transfer Library (CTL) is a listing of courses that will transfer to all Indiana public college and university campuses in one of two ways:

  1. The CTL course will receive credit for the designated equivalent course at the transfer campus and meet the transfer campus degree program requirements in an equivalent manner, or
  2. If there is no agreed- upon directly equivalent course, the CTL course will transfer as an elective requirement of the undergraduate degree program provided the program has room for elective credits. CTL transferability is contingent upon a student earning a C grade or higher in the transfer course. These courses are indicated in the Vincennes University catalog and schedule with the transferIN attribute.

For more information on the CTL and a listing of current CTL courses, go to