Architectural Studies/CAD Graduate Bulletin

Architectural Studies/CAD Graduate Bulletin

Future Employers:
We are pleased to present a Graduate Bulletin which showcases each of our students in the Architectural Studies/CAD program at Vincennes University whether they are seeking full-time employment or a summer internship. 

The students possess many skills which they have learned in our program including producing working drawings, presentation drawings and scale models.  We endeavor to train the students with the latest software and technical equipment in order to transition them seamlessly into the working environment.

Our students are typically individuals who have developed problem solving and team building skills, the work ethic to respond to challenging tasks, and an understanding of the business environment.

Please click on the following files for information showcasing each student’s goals and skillset.

Architectural Studies/CAD Graduate Bulletin 2019

Architectural Studies/CAD First Year Students 2018 - 2019

We are confident that our graduates will fulfill your needs.  If you have any questions regarding one our students, please contact any of our faculty for further insight or recommendations.


Michael Houtsch, Associate Professor
Phone: 812.888.5588