Construction Technology Tool List

Construction Technology Tool List

I. The following tools are required of all Construction majors. Students must have them upon entry into their first lab in their first semester.

16 oz. claw hammer
20-24 oz. framing hammer
Combination square or speed square
Framing square w/ rafter table
48" level
24" level
Torpedo level
25' or 30' steel tape  measure
50' or 100' tape measure
8 or 10 pt. crosscut hand saw
Coping saw
Utility knife w/ blades 
Stair gages (square locks)
Chalk line w/ chalk
Nail sets
Screwdriver set (slotted & phillips)
Sliding T-bevel
1 1/2- putty knife
Wood chisels
3/8" Cordless drill
Construction Master V or Pro calculator*

Adjustable wrench
Channel locks
Tin snips
Side cut diagonal pliers
Long or needle nose pliers
Nail claw or cat's paw
Flat bar or Wonder bar
Crow bar
Surform pocket plane
6" and 10" drywall finishing knives
Plastic or metal drywall pan
Drywall utility saw
Drywall hand sander
Volt-Ohm meter
Wire stripper
Wood folding Brick Spacing rule
Brick trowel
Tool apron
Safety glasses


*Calculator may be purchased through the VU bookstore if so desired.

II. Students should have adequate work clothing for both interior and exterior work, including the following:
- coveralls or overalls
- boots or heavy work shoes (steel-toed recommended)

III. All tools are to be on the job or in the lab every work day. Individual lockers are available for tool storage - there is a $5.00 rental fee for the entire school year. Locks and keys are furnished, but are to be returned at the end of the year. Lockers measure 11" wide X 19" high X 48" deep.

IV. It is recommended that students purchase good quality tools. A tool box will be needed for carrying tools to and from jobs, labs, etc. VU does not insure students' tools against damage, theft, or loss of any type (please check with your homeowners' coverage).